Words from books...(5)

"And yet he was also the guy who'd given me the clue to using firespell and who'd stepped into a near-fight with Veronica. Something strange was going on. I wasn't sure what-I certainly didn't think he was some kind of Robin Hood of magic-but whatever it was, I wasn't ready to tell Scout. No, this was going to need a little more time. I hoped I had it."
"Drawing was a strange thing. Probably like other hobbies-basketball or cello playing or baking or writing-there were times when it felt like you were going throgh the motions. When you put pencil to papper and were aware of every dot, every thin line, every thick shade. At other times, you looked up from the page and two hours had passed. You lost yourself in the movement, in the quiet, in trying to represent on paper some obsect from real life. You created a little world where there'd only been emptiness before. This was one of those times." 
"We stood quietly for a minute. I'm not sure what Scout was thinking, but I was impressed. How many friends did you have who offered themselves up-to danger, to the unknown-because they wanted to help? Not because they wanted anything in return, or because they'd get credentials or fame out of it, but because it was the right thing to do?" 
"I guess the lesson I've learned over the the last few weeks is that life is rarely what we think it's going to be. So you do the best you can. Right?" 
"Meaning what I've been telling you. Meaning things are rarely as simple as they seem. Sometimes you don't figure out how the story is supposed to end until you've read it." - Sebastian 
Hexbound by Chloe Neill 

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