Words from books...(7)

"Magic is overrated. Courage is what matters." - Scout Green 
"Sure-having powers was better than ending up the pitiful victim of a Reaper. But was it better or worse than worrying only whether I was as pretty as the girls în Vogue and if my clothes were hot enough?"
"It's easy to be brave when the decision isn't staring you down. When you're young and powerful and the world is your oyster. It's easier to judge a hard decision when you don't yet have to make it. It's a lot harder from the other side when you feel like the one thing that makes you who you are has been taken away." - Scout Green 
"I was caught between two emotions. Sadness that she was excited about something she may never get to use again, and amusement about how truly geeky that sounded." 
"And when she finally showed me the page, she'd listed down all the things I mentioned. But at the top of the list, in her scrawly handwriting, were a couple of simple words that meant a lot.

Best friends.
"I'd been dumped by someone who didn't even have the guts to tell me I'd been dumped. I wasn't sure wether to be sad or angry. I opted for angry. It felt a lot better." 
Charmfall  de Chloe Neill


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