Words from books...(12)

"I looked at my best friends, knowing that our mission, should we choose to accept it, was to befriend Macey McHenry. The good girl inside of me knew that I should at least try to help her fit in. The spy in me knew I'd been given an assignment, and if I ever wanted to see Sublevel Two, I'd better grin and say "Yes ma'am." The daughter in me knew there wasn't any choosing involved here. "When does she start? I asked."                                                                                                                             

"I'm the chameleon! I wanted to cry. I'm the CoveOps legacy! I'd been preparing for this knight my entire life--doing drills with my dad, asking my mom to tell me stories, becoming the girl nobody sees. But now I was drifting deeper and deeper into the shadows until I was standing in the middle of my own room, watching my closests friends swarm around our gourgeous new guest, and I was completely invisible."

"I couldn't believe it! Not only was this our first mission ever, but he honestly expected us to tail a man who had thirty ears of experience, and who had seen us every school day since seventh grade, and who, worst of all, was the single most paranoid human being on the planet! (Seriously. I mean, he's got he plastic surgery bills to prove it)"

"No one looked at me. Not a soul stopped to ask my name or tell me how much I looked like my mother. I didn't have to see the look of instant, uncomfortable sadness in anyone's eyes as they realized I was Cammie Morgan--one of the Morgans--that I was the girl with the dead dad. On the streets of Roseville I was just a regular girl, and it felt so good I almost didn't want to pul a Kleenex from my pocket, reach into the trash can, and carefully retrieve the bottle Mr Smith had thrown away--but I did it anyway."

"I don't know why I didn't tell them about Josh. I mean, it should have been significant--a random civilian initiating contact during an operation--that's the kind of thing you totally tell your superiors, let alone your best friends. But I kept it to myself--maybe because I didn't think it mattered, but probably because, in a place where everyone knew my story, it was nice to know there was a chapter that only I had read."

"I attend the best school in the country. I can speak fourteen languages, but I can't talk to this boy? What good is a genius IQ? Why bother teach us the things we know?"

"I'd never felt less invisible in my life. I forgot about Bex and Macey and their great bodies, Liz and her gorgeous blond hair. Even my mother faded from my mind as I saw myself through Josh's eyes. For the first time in a long time I didn't want to disappear."

"As DeeDee walked toward the party, I found myself envying her. She saw Josh at school. She knew what he ate in the cafeteria and where he sat in class. There was no part of her life she couldn't share with him--nothing he didn't already know from a lifetime of dances and carnivals and ordinary days. Ad then I founs myself thinking: if all things were equal, would he still like me then?
But I would never know, because things would never be equal. DeeDee would always be flesh and blood to him, and I'd always be a legend."

"The earrings glistened in the night, and all i could do was stare at them, hypnotized, thinking that no girl has ever had a nicer boyfriend, and no girl has ever been less deserving of him.
I felt like I was outside myself looking down. Who is that girl, I wondered. Doesn't she know how lucky she is? Doesn't she realize that she has really pretty earrings that match her necklace and a boy who would think of such a thing? Who is she to worry about quantum physics or chemical agents or NSA codes? Doesn't she know this is one of those rare moments in life where everything is right and good and wonderful?
Doesn't she know these moments always end?"

"Sitting there that day, I knew that the only thing I could to was keep putting one foot in front of the other, hoping none of the secrets on my shoulders would make me lose my balance."

I'd tell you I love you, but then I'd have to kill you by Ally Carter


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