Words from books...(14)

"That's the thing: We didn't really care. A world without love is also a world without stakes."

"I run toward the subway entrance where Julian disappeared. Above it I can see an ild series of letters and numbers, faded bare outlines: N, R, Q, 1, 2, 3, 7. And in the middle of all that panic and screaming, there is something comforting about it: an old-world code, a sign from an other life. I wonder whether the old world could have possibly been worse than this - that time of dazzling lights and sizzling electricity and people who loved in the open - whether they also screamed and trampled one another to death and turned their guns on their neighbors."

"My chest begins to ache. It seems impossibly, unbelievably long ago-when I could sit in a room with a carpet, when we could spend days messing around, doing nothing in each other's company. I didn't realize then what a privilege that was: to be bored with your best friend; to have time to waste."

"I laugh, even though none of it is funny. The world is upside down and everything is shit and my life has been cleaved and there are two different Lenas running parallel to each other, the old and the new, and they will never, ever be whole again."

"It occurs to me, then, that people themselves are full of tunnels; winding, dark spaces and caverns; impossiple to know all the places inside of them. Impossible even to imagine."

"An owl hoots somewhere, sharply, in the gathering darkness, like a faint alarm. That's when it really hits me, the certainty like a concrete wall going up inside of me. This is not what I wanted. This is not why I came to the Wilds, why Alex wanted me to come: not to turn my back and bury the people I care about, and build myself hard and careless on top of their bodies, as Raven does. That is what Zombies do.
But not me. I have let too many things decay. I have given up on enough."

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver