Words from books...(16)

"- Just be yourself, my mother said, as if that were easy. Which it isn't. Ever. Especially not when you're fifteen and don't know what language you're going to have to speak at lunch, or what name you'll have to use the next time you do a "project" for extra credit. Not when your nickname is "the Chameleon". 
Not when you go to a school for spies."

"Yes, that's right, not only was I invading my mother's personal space right under her nose, but that's the moment she chose to tell me how proud she was of my new-and-improved behavior. It was official: I was a terrible person."

"- A Gallagher Girl can blend into any culture--any environement. Assimilation isn't a matter of social graces. I stopped in the hallway with my hand against the door frame. It's a matter of life and death. 
I thought I'd made a pretty good point, and the condescending look had just started to fade from Zach's face when gentle strains of music came floating into the hall. I heard Madame Dabney say 'Today, ladies and gentelmen, we will be studying the art of... the dance!'
And the Zach leaned down; I felt his breath warm against my ear as he whispered 'Yeah... Life. And. Death.'"

"I turned down a side street on the far side of the square, passed the pharmacy, and thought for a second about the one boy who had seen me--once--and I wondered if life were just a series of brush passes--things come and go."

"- Sure Gallagher Girl. He started down the hallway, waiting until half the eighth grade class was between us before yelling: It's a date!"

"Spying is a game, and so is dating, I guess. It's all about strategy and playing to your strenghts. People think espionage is al fun and games-that everything we do is cat and mouse, but that night I learned a CoveOps lesson as valuable as anything Joe Solomon had taught me. Real life in the clandestine services isn't cat and mouse--it's cat and cat."

Cross my heart and hope to spy by Ally Carter