Words from books...(17)

"Love at first sight. I've always heard that said in movies or my favorite books but I never believed in  it for a second. Death at first sight. That way much more my style. You know, the whole James Dean kind of thing. Live fast, die young sort of culture. Soon enough I would have experienced both."

"Her foot fell harder on the gas pedal and we were flying. After a moment I noticed her face and a determined squint in her eyes, like she was chasing something. I looked above us at he sun bursting through the staggered clouds and realizead... swe WAS chasing something. The sunlight."

"My fires cooled inside me as the simolest of thoughts comforted me... Sam was there for me when I fell. She picked me back up. She healed me."

"- I see the boy who hides behind his bangs when he's nervous. The boy who believes that if he's alone he won't be hurt again. She took my wrist in her hand and covered Mia's name with her other hand. And I see the big brother you will forever be."

"The worst thing about gossip is that it spreads like wild fire. A giant ball of half-thruts that burn up everyone and everything in its path. Lies become truth and truth become vicious lies."

"The world was spinning too fast again. I wished someone would stop it though; I was ready to get off."

Ember by Madison Daniel