Words from books...(29)

There are a lot of reasons people come to Las Vegas. Some come because they want to get rich. Some come because they want to get married. Some want to get lost, and others found. Some are running to. Some are running from. It had always seemed to Kat that Vegas was a town where almost everyone was hoping to get something for nothing--an entire city of thieves.

"You were gone, Kat." Hale wasn't  teasing anymore.
"I know."
"You were at Colgan."
"I was only there three months."
"That's a long time, Kat. In our world, that's a long time."

It is an occupational hazard that anyone who has spent her life learning how to lie eventually becomes bad at telling the truth;

Families are strange things--living things--in more ways than one. And family businesses... well, there was no limit to the oddness.

Sometimes it takes an outsider, someone with fresh eyes to see the truth.

Tine, the greatest thief of all.

Heist society by Ally Carter