An unusual girl

This is something that has happened to me almost one year ago and that I remembered about. First of all you should know that I’m a witch and although this may seem like a lot of fun it’s not always like that. But I’m not going to talk about that right now.
Last summer my father had the bright idea to sign me up as a volunteer in a summer school for blind people. He thought that it would be good for me to help and maybe learn something. The bad part was that he didn’t ask me beforehand and I found out with two days before going there. And I also found out that I was going to stay there two weeks. You can imagine how happy I was….
Anyway, I was paired with a girl my age, 17 years old; her name was Megan, which had really beautiful blue eyes. At first I wasn’t very friendly and we weren’t talking too much. But after a while we began to talk more with each other about different stuff and we became friends. She was a really great person. We were talking about our hobbies, our likes and dislikes. I was telling her about the books I read and the movies I’ve seen, describing the movements of the actors, how they looked like and other stuff like that. She was paying very much attention and told me that she was trying to imagine how they look like based on my descriptions.
We were sharing the room and, since she couldn’t see, I used to do a few magic tricks every now and then. One time we went in a park nearby and sat on a bench and I began to describe her how the trees looked like, the birds that were flying around and all the things that were going on in the park. Then a group of three boys saw Megan and began to ask stupid questions like: “Having fun?”, “Why are you still coming here?”, “Do you actually think you’re ever going to see?” and other mean things. Megan told me to ignore them, but of course, I didn’t. I casted a spell which made them stumble on their own legs while they were walking away from us amused. It was such a funny scene.
In that moment Megan asked me a question I would’ve never expect:
- What did you do?
- What do you mean? I asked surprised.
- What did you do to those boys? I know you did something.
- I don’t want to be rude, but how can you know that?
- I just have this feeling that you’re different. You have something special, something magical. I had this feeling ever since I met you.
I didn’t know what to answer. I couldn’t tell her I’m a witch after all. Later on I found out that this school was offering money to these kids to help them have the operation they needed in order to see. Since Megan kept asking me about the incident with those guys, I thought that the sooner she got the money for that operation the sooner I can go home and never have to deal with her again. So I went at the school principal, a woman somewhere between 40 and 50 years old.
- I was thinking. Megan has been coming here for quite a while now. Doesn’t she deserve to see again?
- I’m glad to see that you care, but unfortunately our budget is low this year and we already picked the families we are going to help. I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do.
- Ok. Thank you for your time.
In the next two days we went in the park again, because Megan said she liked to go there. And of course those boys showed up again. I got annoyed, took Megan and left the park.
- Where are we going? She asked.
- You’ll find out very soon.
I took her back in our room and searched in my luggage for a pair of glasses. The only ones I could find were some sun glasses, but they were better than nothing. I sat on the bed trying to remember the right spell.
- What are you planning to do? And why are you acting so weird? Please answer me. There’s something weird going on and I think you should tell me.
- Yeah, you’re right. I should tell you since what I’m going to do now will be a little weird. Come here.
She came and sat next to me.
- I went and had a little talk with the principal about you and the fact that you should have that operation. And all I got was that the budget is low and that she can’t do anything for you.
- I know that. They always say that younger children are a priority and there are always younger children than me. I’ve been told that every year.
- You remember when we first went in the park and you told me that I’m different?
- Yeah.
- Well, you were right. I am different. I’m a wizard. I can do all kinds of stuff and in that day I made those guys trip on their own legs, because they were really rude with you. It was really funny, I smiled to myself.
- I wish I could’ve seen that.
- Well, that’s where I want to get. I want to help you see.
- What do you mean?
- You know that some people need glasses in order to see properly?
- Yes. I’ve heard of that. What about it?
- Well I’m going to cast a spell on a pair of sun glasses so that when you’ll put them on you’ll be able to see.
- Can you actually do that? She asked full of hope.
- I think so. Just be quiet for a moment, I have to concentrate.
I remembered the spell and applied it on the pair of glasses I was holding in my hand.
- Here, try them, I said lending her the glasses. Tell me if it worked.
She took the glasses from my hand and put them on a little to slow, like she was scared of what could’ve happened. And it worked! She could see, I don’t know how well, but at least she could. She was looking around the room just like a little kid who was just discovering the world. Then, after looking all around in every single corner, her eyes stopped on me.
- You’re pretty, she said.
- Thank you, I smiled. So, how is it?
- It’s great! I can’t believe it.
- It’ll be even better after you have that operation.
- Can’t I just keep these glasses?
- The magic will wear of after a while and besides, people will notice that something’s not right. And I really don’t want that to happen because I’ll get in a lot of trouble.
- I guess you’re right. But let’s be serious, in this rhythm I’ll never have that operation.
- Yeah, unless we can do something to get the money ourselves, I smiled.
- What do you mean?
- Like a fundraising.
- Ok… And how exactly are we going to do that? I don’t know. Maybe those guys are right. Maybe I’ll never be able to see. Thank you for the glasses and for the intention. I really appreciate it.
She took the glasses off and put them on the bed next to me.
- You’re just going to give up?
- What can I do? I mean, come on, how can we possibly get that kind of money? Didn’t you ever want to give up?
- Well, yeah, a few times, but there was always someone there to tell me to keep trying. And I always managed to get what I wanted in the end. So, what do you say?
- Thanks, she smiled. But I would like to know something. Why are you trying so hard to help me?
- Good question. Well, I don’t know. Maybe because you noticed there was something weird about me and didn’t run away in the next moment.
- Has that happened to you before?
- Twice. Two boys from school saw me using magic and ran off like I was some sort of monster. It took me a while to wipe out those memories from their heads.
- Will you do that to me too?
- No, probably not, I smiled.
- So, what’s the plan? How are we going to get that money?
- By organizing a magic show. I’ll do the tricks.
- Won’t anyone become suspicious?
- I don’t think so. I doubt that anyone would make the difference between real magic and the one they see at the circus. And as long as that doesn’t happen I won’t have any problems. I’ll go tell the principal about it.
So, I talked with her and in the end, after two hours of explaining and a lot of questions, she finally agreed. In the next five days I prepared everything for the show, with some help from Megan and we put flyers all over the surroundings.
While we were working she kept asking me a lot of questions about wizards: “Do you really fly on broomsticks?”, “Do you make potions?”, “Do you really dress like in all the stories with witches?”, “Do you really like to make fun of people?” and many others.
Everything was ready just in time and I was surprised of how many people actually came. The backyard of the school was full. So far, so good. I went on the stage and began to do the tricks I’ve been practicing in my mind. Well, mostly all the tricks a magician would do: card tricks, objects appearing from nowhere, disappearing tricks and so on.
I didn’t know if people will actually donate and I was really surprised to see the amount of money that has been collected by the end of the day. It was almost the sum of money needed for Megan’s operation.
Her parents were there too and they wouldn’t stop thanking me for everything and telling me how real my tricks seemed.
- I can’t believe this is real, her mother said. In a few days you managed to do what we have been trying for years.
While she was still talking all I could do was smile. I didn’t want to say anything, because I didn’t want everything to seem such a big deal.
- Thank you, said Megan giving me a hug.
- You’re welcome. Good luck then.
- You’re leaving?
- Well, there’s no point in staying here anymore now, is it?
- Yeah. Before I forget, here are your glasses. Thank you, again, she smiled.
- I’m glad I could help, I said taking the glasses and putting them on.
Later that day dad came to take me home.
- So, how was it? He asked.
- You know. Boring.
I never talked with Megan after that, but I did manage to find out that she had the operation though. Dad was right: somehow going to that school made me realize some things about life.
If you really want something don’t give up, no matter how hard it may seem. Hold on to it until you get it. Like someone once said:”Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.”
Oh, and I forgot to mention: I still have that pair of sun glasses; they are sitting on my desk…