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Paste fericit!


An unusual girl

This is something that has happened to me almost one year ago and that I remembered about. First of all you should know that I’m a witch and although this may seem like a lot of fun it’s not always like that. But I’m not going to talk about that right now. Last summer my father had the bright idea to sign me up as a volunteer in a summer school for blind people. He thought that it would be good for me to help and maybe learn something. The bad part was that he didn’t ask me beforehand and I found out with two days before going there. And I also found out that I was going to stay there two weeks. You can imagine how happy I was…. Anyway, I was paired with a girl my age, 17 years old; her name was Megan, which had really beautiful blue eyes. At first I wasn’t very friendly and we weren’t talking too much. But after a while we began to talk more with each other about different stuff and we became friends. She was a really great person. We were talking about our hobbies, our likes and disli…